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PR Talk

PR Talk interviews the media for a change. What makes them tick? What are their PR pet peeves? And most importantly, how can we get stories placed? The marketing, PR and media advice we provide is for everyone — whether you're a newbie looking to get into the field, or a senior-level pro keeping up-to-date with current trends. Along the way, we learn about careers in media to aid aspiring journalists!

Mar 30, 2020

Fika Talk #4: Interview with Diane and Maya Sykes On Friday we did a late Fika Talk so we could celebrate another culture's tradition by lighting the Shabbat candles with our Jewish neighbors Diane and Maya Sykes. After hearing their prayer we learned about how Diane set up her law practice, Diane S Sykes Attorney at...

Mar 27, 2020

How the act of shedding unnecessary or unwanted things, yes even clients or jobs, can be beneficial in the end. Less is more. See them all at

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Mar 26, 2020

How Volunteering Can Boost Resumes And Even Launch Businesses Three Professional Volunteer Ideas That Will Add Skills And Increase Connections  You may have heard recent notions from leaders in the small business community nudging people who have lost their jobs towards volunteer work. When I first heard this idea I...

Mar 25, 2020

Announcing a new series my daughter, Audrey, and I are putting together called Fika Talk, inspired by our time in Sweden where the Fika state-of-mind reigns. Highly regarded as an essential part of life and business within the Swedish culture, the Fika break occurs in the afternoon. It is a revered time to recharge and...

Mar 6, 2020

Coronavirus PR Management & Insights into Science PR

A Special Episode with Marvin Stockwell, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Only another PR person would drop what they are doing to help other PR people during what must be a very busy time. That’s why I love our community of giving, helpful PR friends around...