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PR Talk

PR Talk interviews the media for a change. What makes them tick? What are their PR pet peeves? And most importantly, how can we get stories placed? The marketing, PR and media advice we provide is for everyone — whether you're a newbie looking to get into the field, or a senior-level pro keeping up-to-date with current trends. Along the way, we learn about careers in media to aid aspiring journalists!

Nov 2, 2017

Leaving the Fast-Paced Newspaper World for the Political Waters of Trade Journalism. With 21 years in the newspaper industry before switching over to trade journalism, there couldn’t be a better person to explain the differences between consumer and B2B PR. Rick Polito, Editor in Chief of the Nutrition Business Journal, talks us through how to get into the NBJ — presenting some tough ways of approaching the story angle, along with some tried and true B2B PR methods. Read the full recap at

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